February 5, 2013  |  Internet Strategy, Marketing, Social Networks

Advertisers and publicists used to spend thousands of dollars a month on billboards and television commercials to keep their products in the public eye. And while these methods were certainly beneficial to companies, they were also easily ignored.

When you’re driving, it’s simple to ignore a billboard by merely paying attention to the road, and with television commercials, it’s too easy for clients to simply change the channel or leave the room during the break, thereby avoiding the money you’ve spent on your advertising.

Today, advertising is easier (and cheaper) than ever with social media. Instead of advertising your product in the margins of your potential customer’s life, social media inserts its advertisements into the forefront of the user’s interface.

By connecting directly to the public via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites, you are developing a personal and continuous relationship with potential or longtime clients.

In developing these relationships, you are expanding your business beyond its physical location. You are becoming a part of the everyday lives of your clients. There is no better way to expand your business than to be intrinsically linked to your public’s social sphere.