February 19, 2013  |  Web Design

Have you ever given somebody a ride, only for them to change the radio station and play with the buttons?

That’s what it feels like when a customer visits your web site and your pre-loaded music begins to play. You may have thought that adding music was going to give your website that “Wow Factor” you’d been looking for, but to a customer, it really feels like somebody else taking control of their experience.

Most people browse the internet when they’re 1) at work, where music on your site could disrupt their work environment, or 2) at home, when they’re watching television or listening to music of their own. Either way, the pre-loaded music on your site comes across as an annoyance instead of a neat feature.

Instead of using music to draw people in, focus on the visual style and accessibility of your site. Those two things never go out of style.