Too Much Information

Do you give clients your home address and phone number at your place of business? Do you
show them your vacation pictures when you’re trying to make a transaction? When you’re eating
lunch with your co-workers, do you make sure to call your customers and let them know?

The increasingly connected world has given rise to the need to constantly update your peers
of your whereabouts. Social media has broken down barriers in communication and turned
everything into small talk with your entire social network.

The drawback to these amazing steps forward in interaction is that some business owners are
conflating their work life with their home life.

Your business twitter/facebook/corporate site need to be totally free from personal information.
Just like you wouldn’t inform your clients of where you live in person, don’t give out that
information online either. Communication online is turning into an everyday part of life, but don’t
let that convince you to be open with all of your information.